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It is already day three in a place I could stay for much longer. After 4 hours of strenuous yoga yesterday my body was feeling a bit like jelly. Resisted getting up this morning but wanted to see the sunrise, so up at 5:30 am for a walk to the beach with Severin. We chatted about our experiences in Kataragama in Sri Lanka. Shared Sufi stories. It was the beginning of a beautiful day watching the fishermen setting out to sea in their small boats.

Yoga has been surprisingly good. The two teachers are skilled in both ashtanga and vinyasa flow yoga, have studied extensively in India, and are very considerate of the abilities of the students. Lots and lots of chateranga dondasana and downward hanging dog stretch. When it's 30 degrees out you come out of the class drenched. Thought it might just be me but when I hugged Ryan the teacher we were both soaked through and through. Today my body felt it was letting go with the warmth and the energy was flowing freely.

After breakfast we spent time in the kitchen, with the cooks sharing their secrets of preparing coconut and daikon salad with tamarii and nutritional yeast. We helped make our lunch - nori rolls with veggies and papaya. The head cook Kim is a nutritionist from Australia who has been here a year. Lots of people come for a week and stay for a year. The place has the feel of a small Findhorn.

The afternoon was spent doing Qui Gong. Had a wonderful release and a visit from my spirit guide which was so very special.

Some time free this afternoon so I can get caught up with this blog. Here are some pictures for the day.









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Hot Springs and like Minded Souls

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Bahay Kalipay is a yoga and raw food healing centre in Palawan. Philippines. I didn't know much about it before getting here, but it had great reviews from those who have spent time here and it is situated on my route. Walking through the front gate, all the trials of the travels to get here disappeared. It is a simple place, operating as close to nature as possible. Accommodation in thatch built huts. Mine is on the third level of a structure that sways in the wind. Like being on a boat. All food is raw - veggies, fruits, raw food crackers, green smoothies. Limited electricity and internet connection to the outside world but situated on the outskirts of a small city 2 blocks from the sea. No paper or plastic. Communal toilets have reusable small rags and water to cleanse oneself. Bedroom includes a netted mattress on the floor and a fan and a ledge to place clothes on and a couple of clothes hangers. There are about 20 students and instructors here from all parts of the world - the Philippines, Russia, Peru, Germany, Sweden, France, Australia, Slovenia, England, plus one person from the US and another couple from Canada in addition to myself.

After arriving and having a delicious lunch there was a bus taking those interested to a Hotsprings close by. Skipped orientation and opted for the Hotsprings. Funny to think of a hotsprings in 28 degree centigrade temperatures but it was really relaxing after the flights and a chance to bond with everyone.

Now that I have been here a day the schedule is roughly 5: 30 am beach walk to watch the sunrise. Yoga from 7 to 9 followed by breakfast. Usually some program in the morning. Today we did energy balancing. Green smoothie break at 11:00 and lunch at 1:00 Afternoon session followed by yoga from 4 to 6, dinner at 7 and an evening program today sound healing using the bowls.

Lots of time to socialize and share ideas and philosophy and experiences. We have had interesting discussions re tattooing (all the men other than myself have tattoos as do half the women), shaminism, out of body experiences, magical places in the world we have been to. As a 73 year old among 20 and 30 year old, I realize I have had a lot of experiencesI that can be added to the conversationand we all get along wonderfully. I love interacting with everyone this way. Very supportive and inspiring. A chance to get to spend time one on one with each other and in small group conversations

Here are some photos of the place








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The Adventure Begins

TryingTo Get There

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Ok This is a tale of meditation in action. It starts out trying to get to the plane in the first place. We are in Victoria and the intention is to head back to Sidney for a romantic valentines dinner. We however get caught in a traffic jam due to a likely accident. Total gridlock. We can't go anywhere. As the minutes pass by the anxiety level builds. Will we even get to the airport in time to catch the flight. The line finally starts to move enough we can turn right and get out of it but time has slipped away. The romantic dinner in Sidney is at the White Spot at the airport but I am booked in and it is still romantic cause my sweetie is there.

First hitch. The plane from Victoria to Vancouver is delayed for over an hour and by the time I get to Vancouver there is only 20 minutes till my flight is due to depart. I literally run for 10 minutes straight from the domestic to international airport to get to the boarding gate. They have closed it, and logged me in as a no show. They are very accommodating when I arrive breathless and sweaty, and they open the gate and let me on, but say my bag will not be on the flight but there is another flight in 6 hours and they will get it to me within the day that I am scheduled to arrive in Puerto Princessa in the Philippines.

Second hitch. The plane revs up to leave but doesn't. It is 10:30 pm. We wait patiently. Finally we are told there is a warning light that needs to be attended to Should be off as soon as it is attended to. Four hours later they let us know the problem can't be repaired. The plane won't fly and we need to disembark. Since we are on the plane we have technically left Canada so need to retrieve our bags, go through customs and will be rebooked. They let us know that a few people - those travelling in business class and a few others can be rebooked on empty seats on the flight leaving in 6 hours. The rest will get rebooked as space is available on flights over the next few days. People are crying , swearing, shouting at attendants who can do nothing but listen. I am in luck. Because my bag didn't get checked and is checked in for the next flight, I can go straight to the boarding gate and they book me onto the next flight before the hoards arrive. So I now wait for a couple more hours till the next plane leaves at 4:30 am. Not much sleep tonight but at least I will be on my way and should get to my destination the following evening rather than the morning. No problem.

Third Hitch: we arrive in Manilla and because I and lots others have missed their ongoing connection have to rebook. I am rebooked on a flight leaving in about 4 hours getting in by the evening. Good luck. We take off and one hour later descend to land in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. Then an announcement comes on. Due to high winds the plane can't land and is returning to Manilla. Only 220 passengers to put up for the night in hotels in Manilla but it is done very efficiently and we have a midnight buffet dinner, a couple of hours sleep and they get us up at 4:30 am wrend our way through already heavy Manilla traffic, reboard and leave at 8:40 am. We touch down at our destination, everyone cheers, and I have made it to Puerto Princesa 26 hours later than expected. A jitney takes me to the Bahay Kalipay, my destination for the next seven, now 6 days. I will practice yoga, live on a raw food diet, and live a simple life. It is good to get here.

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Getting Ready

Its Time To Leave The Snow Behind.

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It's snowing outside and the Philippines is looking very attractive. 3 weeks exploring new territory. Can't wait. The trip begins next week, the evening of Feb 14th. Hope they serve Valentines cocktails on the plane. Check in then. Caio

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